Which ‘Pitch Perfect’ Song Is Your Acapella Anthem?

Take this quiz to pick the Pitch Perfect mash-up that best represents your mood! Pitch Perfect is the best movie to choose from when you’re looking for songs to either get you pumped, ready for the day, or to just chill out with your best girl friends. Find out now what your anthem is!

Which song did you get? Share your results in the comment section below! We got the Pitch Perfect Riff Off as our anthem:

Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect
PITCH PERFECT, Hana Mae Lee (left), Rebel Wilson (blonde, left), Ester Dean (pink hair), Anna Kendrick (center), 2012. ph: Peter Iovino/?Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Pitch Perfect 2 is in theaters May 15, 2015.