Wesley Snipes

Actor, Producer, Singer
The tragedy of actor Wesley Snipes' career was due not to the fact that he was sentenced to three years of jail time for tax evasion in 2008, but rather because it overshadowed a prolific decade of work in which he ... Read more »
Born: 07/31/1962 in Orlando, Florida, USA


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The Player 2015 - 2016 (TV Show)


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Masters of the Martial Arts Presented by Wesley Snipes 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)

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The Big Hit 1998 (Movie)


Get on the Bus 1996 (Movie)

funding (Producer)

John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk 1995 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)
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Mo' Better Blues 1990 (Movie)


Mo' Better Blues 1990 (Movie)

("Pop Top 40") (Song Performer)
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Blade II 2002 (Movie)

Fight Coordinator (Stunt Coordinator)


The tragedy of actor Wesley Snipes' career was due not to the fact that he was sentenced to three years of jail time for tax evasion in 2008, but rather because it overshadowed a prolific decade of work in which he proved himself to be among the most versatile and popular leading men in Hollywood. Though his athletic prowess made him an ideal action hero in films like "Blade" (1997) and its two sequels, he was also a skilled dramatic actor in films like "New Jack City" (1991), "Jungle Fever" (1991), "The Waterdance" (1992), and "One Night Stand" (1997), which earned him the top acting award at the Venice Film Festival. Snipes was equally adept at comedy, most notably in "White Men Can't Jump" (1992), and could transition gracefully from larger-than-life characters like his futuristic villain in "Demolition Man" (1993) to subtler parts like his uncredited turn as a smooth-talking bar patron in "Waiting to Exhale" (1995). A string of legal problems and bad business decisions left a smear on his name during the late 1990s and early 2000s, and may have precipitated the career tailspin that culminated in his 2008 conviction and incarceration two years later, leaving many to question his future as a viable film actor.



Divorced from Snipes' father

Ruth Carter


Halle Berry Actor

Became romantically involved during filming of "Jungle Fever" (1991) No longer together

April DuBois


Nakyung Park


Iset Snipes

Born July 31, 2001 mother, Nikki Park

Alimayu Snipes

Born March 26, 2007 mother, Nikki Park

Jelani Snipes

Born c. 1988 appeared in "Mo' Better Blues" (1990) mother, April Snipes

Donna Wong

Asian dated c. 1996


High School of Performing Arts

New York , New York 1975 - 1977

State University of New York, Purchase

Purchase , New York 1984

Jones High School

1977 - 1980
Was a member of the drama club



Cast as one of Brooklyn's most infamous drug dealers in Antoine Fuqua's "Brooklyn's Finest"


Once again portrayed a vampire hunter in "Blade: Trinity"; also produced


Reprised role (also produced) in "Blade II"


Produced and starred in the thriller "The Art of War"


Produced Che-Kirk Wong's "The Big Hit"; film starred Mark Walhlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips


Cast as the escaped con purused by Tommy Lee Jones in "U.S. Marshall"


Made his network TV debut as producer and star of "Futuresport" (ABC)


Received star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (August 21)


Played an African-American superhero who battles a group of blood-sucking vampires in "Blade"


Produced and acted in Maya Angelou's directorial debut, "Down in the Delta"


Played a detective investigating "Murder at 1600"


Won praise for his turn as an unfaithful husband in "One Night Stand"


Starred opposite Robert De Niro in "The Fan"


Executive produced (also narrated) the documentary, "John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk"


Was one of several prominent showbiz figures to provide funding for Lee's "Get on the Bus"


Donned drag to play Noxeema Jackson in "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar"


Reteamed with Harrelson for "Money Train"


Co-starred with Sean Connery in the film adaptation of Michael Crichton's "Rising Sun"


Reteamed with Woody Harelson in Ron Shelton's "White Men Can't Jump"


Played merciless drug lord Nino Brown in Mario Van Peebles' controversial "New Jack City"


Reteamed with Lee for the interracial romance "Jungle Fever"


Cast as a regular in the short-lived ABC cop series, "H.E.L.P."


Turned down a small role in Lee's "Do the Right Thing" for the larger part of Willie Mays Hays in "Major League" (1989)


TV debut in the HBO anthology miniseries, "Vietnam War Story"


Appeared as Michael Jackson's rival gang leader in the Martin Scorsese-directed music video "Bad" (only seen in the long version of the video)


Film debut in the Goldie Hawn vehicle "Wildcats"; first collaboration with Woody Harrelson


Broadway debut in "The Boys of Winter"


Moved back to Orlando, Florida, with his mother


Moved to the Bronx at age one


Portrayed jazz saxaphonist Shadow Henderson in Lee's "Mo' Better Blues"

Appeared in "The Wiz" with Theatre on Park Dinner Theatre in Orlando

Founded Amen Ra Films in conjunction with Fox

Appeared in commercials for Levi's 501 jeans and Coca-Cola Classic

Appeared in the East Harlem production of "The Me Nobody Knows"

Co-founded Struttin' Street Stuff, a theater troupe which performed street and puppet theater in Orlando

Bonus Trivia


Snipes is the owner of China One, a restaurant in L.A.


He received the Victor Borge Scholarship, given by the Governor of Florida.


In 1993, Snipes was fined $1,000 and placed on two-year unsupervised probation in California after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of carrying a loaded weapon.


In April of 1994, while on probation on the California gun conviction, Snipes was briefly detained and charged with reckless driving after he crashed his motorcycle at the end of a thirty mile, 120 mile per hour chase with a Florida Highway Patrol officer and police helicopters. Neither Snipes nor the officer was seriously injured in the crash. Snipes pleaded no contest to the charge of reckless driving, and was sentenced to perform 80 hours of community service.


In the late 90s, Snipes and his brother started a security firm called the Royal Guard of Amen-Ra dedicated to providing VIPs with bodyguards trained in law enforcement, military, and martial arts.


In June of 2005, Snipes was detained in South Africa at Johannesburg International Airport for allegedly trying to pass through the airport with a fake South African passport. Snipes was allowed to return home because he had a valid U.S. passport.


In 2005, Snipes sued New Line Cinema, and David S. Goyer (director of Blade: Trinity) claiming that the studio didn't pay his full salary, that he was intentionally cut out of casting decisions and filmmaking process, despite being one of the producers. Snipes contends that Goyer, his fellow producers, and New Line kept him out of the project's decision process, which ended up harming the film's performance (it made just $52 million). He says that a portion of his salary - $3.6 million - was withheld as punishment. The suit is still pending.


Snipes was indicted Oct. 17, 2006 on eight counts of tax fraud; these charges include trying to cheat the government of $12 million in false refund claims and failing to file tax returns for six years; Snipes returned from Namibia, where he was filming a movie to surrendered to authorities Dec. 8, 2006, two months after he was indicted. Snipes faced the possibility of up to sixteen years in prison and substantial fines if convicted on all the charges. On Feb. 1, 2008, Snipes was acquitted on one felony count of conspiracy to defraud the government and one felony count of filing a false claim with the government. He was, however, found guilty on three misdemeanor counts of failing to file Federal income tax returns.


On April 24, 2008, Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison on tax charges. He appealed the case claiming, among other things, that his sentence was "unreasonable," but on July 16, 2010, the appeals court backed the original ruling.


Wesley Snipes was ordered on Nov. 19, 2010 to start serving a three-year prison sentence for a felony tax conviction after a Florida judge rejected his bid for a new trial.