’10 Years’: Channing Tatum Talks Old Flames and Love Triangles — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

10 Years

Channing Tatum cornered the market on going-back-to-high-school movies this year. On the screwball comedy side, there was 21 Jump Street, in which Tatum teamed up with Jonah Hill to relive their old glory days (or not) as undercover cops trying to infiltrate a teenage drug ring. But on the dramatic side, there was 10 Years in which Tatum plays a forlorn young man whose high school reunion invites a revival of old feelings. Specifically, those directed at an old flame, played by Rosario Dawson.

In the below clip from 10 Year‘s new Blu-ray, Tatum and Dawson unite to discuss the complicated relationship that exists between their characters, and just how significant a young bout of romance can play in anyone’s life. Check out the video below to hear Tatum give his take on his leading man Jake’s journey, and his dismissal of the idea that 10 Years involves a “love triangle.” To Tatum, Jake only has eyes for one.

The 10 Years Blu-ray/DVD is now available.

[Photo Credit: Anchor Bay Films]


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