’21 and Over’: OverDOING It, That Is! — TRAILER

21 and Over

On some level, almost everybody thinks his or her life might make an interesting movie. This is especially the case for the highly narcissistic, self-obsessed, and generally hedonistic sort… you know, college kids. In every dorm room, every frat house, every library rave (go Bearcats!), there is one big-dreaming student who thinks, with confidence, that his/her personal college experience would fare excellently on the big screen.

That might well be how many of the screenplays for college comedies start out: an attempt to translate honest and genuine, and as a result funny, stories from real life to the art of cinema. But there exists a frequent hiccup in the process — the idea, be it that of the writers, the directors, the producers, that reality just isn’t funny enough. That sensationalism serves the medium better. That a movie about college kids loafing, goofing, and palling around doesn’t hold a candle to one with car chases, massive fight scenes, and free roaming buffalo. And that’s exactly what we see in the new trailer for 21 & Over.

This is the latter type of college comedy, following in the footsteps of the outlandish Van Wilder and College as opposed to the less outlandish, and supremely more entertaining/culturally lasting Animal House (when you think back upon that movie, there isn’t a whole lot of really absurd stuff going on, the ending excluded). In this new movie, ne’er-do-wells Skylar Astin and Miles Teller bestow upon their straight-laced friend Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) a 21st birthday to end all 21st birthdays. A story that could be winning if it wanted, but that seems to opt for the insanity factor over relatability. Check out the trailer below, and weigh in on whether you think this movie is going a bit too far.

[Photo Credit: John Johnson/Relativity Media]


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