8 Oddly Sexy Moments in Movies

Dude Where's My Car?20th Century Fox Everett Collection

What people consider sexy can be completely subjective. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz. But sex sells so Hollywood will find a way to subtly, or blatantly, insert into the plot, visuals, or characters. But sometimes there are instances where wires get crossed. A scene can suddenly be oozing sex for a completely different reason. Either the director has found a way to build on the sexual tension or the producers have found the right angle to sell the hell out of a movie.

 Here are some scenes that are sexy…but for slightly odd reasons. 

Dude Where’s My Car Kissing Scene

This stoner comedy isn’t an Oscar Winner but it does have a few funny moments. It also stars two of the hottest heartthrobs of the time, Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott. In this scene, the two guys decide to one-up Fabio and a sexy girl by mimicking what they do. It results in the two guys kissing for no apparent reason.

Why It’s Odd: It’s random and completely out of nowhere. It was pretty shocking to see something so blatantly homoerotic in a stoner comedy in 2000.

Why It’s Sexy: Two major high profile heartthrobs locking lips? No brainer.

Jessica Rabbit’s Big Number in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

This classic film put a noir spin on the cartoon universe, and one of the staples of noir is the sexy dame. Enter Jessica Rabbit. She may be a cartoon and married to an anthropomorphic rabbit, but she exudes sex. The choice of Kathleen Turner as the voice and the highly eroticized dimensions of her shape make her a drawing that jumps off the page into the realm of fantasy.

Why It’s Odd: She’s a cartoon! Even the most evolved of people would have trouble with the idea of a human being getting it on with a fictional cartoon character.

Why It’s Sexy: If this scene starred a human being you couldn’t deny the heavy sexual tension.  


Top Gun Volleyball Scene

This movie straddles a lot of different genres. It’s partly a military romance like An Officer and a Gentleman. But its romance is secondary to the development of the Maverick (Tom Cruise) character and his struggle to break out of his father’s shadow.

Why It’s Odd: This scene is completely out of nowhere and gratuitous. Up until this point, the film seems oddly focused on actual military procedures of flying fighter jets. Then the entire crew decides to grease up and play volleyball? Hm…

Why It’s Sexy: A bunch of oiled up, half-naked men jumping around. The camera lingers on certain body parts longer than you’d expect. 

Michael Fassbender Reveals His Endowment in Shame

Michael Fassbender plays a sex addict in this 2011 drama. It takes a bleak view of his addiction as it slowly consumes his character. Despite the various sex scenes in the film, the sexiest and most memorable is Fassbender running to answer the phone and revealing his magneto.

Why It’s Odd: It’s such a throwaway scene and doesn’t seem particularly sexual in nature.

Why It’s Sexy: It revealed to an entire movie-going public that Fassbender was well-endowed. That reputation follows him to this day. 

The Glove Scene in Age of Innocence

This Martin Scorsese film really showcases how amazingly talented they are outside of their more typical works. The director deviated from crime/mobster films to focus on infidelity in the 1800s. He captures so much of the raw sexual energy, guilt, and anguish of infidelity. In this scene, Daniel Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer are alone. The sexual tension reaches a crescendo as he removes her glove.

Why It’s Odd: The scene really just involves a stolen kiss and Day-Lewis touching the underside of Pfeiffer’s wrist.

Why It’s Sexy: There’s so much intensity and intimacy in this moment. It also is a mental turn on considering how reserved and repressed this society is and how they are breaking barriers. Plus, it’s so naughty. 

Great Expectations Water Fountain Kiss Scene

This film is not often given the credit it deserves. It’s such an amazingly poetic and visually beautiful retelling of the Charles Dickens classic. Up to this point, Gwyneth Paltrow was Brad Pitt’s plain-looking girlfriend and daughter of Hollywood royalty. However, in her role as Estella, she really showed she had the intense sex appeal and devious side of a femme fatale.

Why It’s Odd: This scene mirrors a scene of the two characters kissing as children.

Why It’s Sexy: It takes a more sexually aggressive tone. A scantily clad Paltrow’s tongue lingers on Ethan Hawke in what has evolved from an innocent kiss into an explosive seduction. 

Patrick Bateman’s Intro in American Psycho

This disturbing horror comedy skewers class, Manhattan, and sex. Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is a business exec by day and a serial murderer by night. The subtext is he’s so vapid and image obsessed that his madness gets away from him and he gets away with it.

Why It’s Odd: The dialogue is a banal reading of his morning to-do list.  

Why It’s Sexy: Christian Bale’s epic body transformation and half nude morning routine is visually stunning. His work out, shower, and making breakfast in tighty-whities distracts from the banality of the dialogue. 

The Shower Scene in Elf

Zooey Deschanel plays an unlikely love interest for an elf played by Will Ferrell in this Christmas comedy. It’s strange to imagine Ferrell’s man-child character having romantic feelings. And yet, he’s lured into the bathroom by Deschanel’s siren song.

Why It’s Odd: This movie is a kid’s movie. It seems strange to have a scene so unabashedly reflect sexual attraction. It’s also slightly creepy for him to enter the bathroom unannounced and this only reflects the slightly creepy nature of “It’s Cold Outside.”

Why It’s Sexy: Deschanel’s sexy singing voice and she’s in a shower. Fans of her quirky characters suddenly see her in a newly sexy way.