A ‘Book of Mormon’ Star to Write ‘Triplets’ for Schwarzenegger, DeVito, Murphy

Josh GadBook of Mormon star Josh Gad is not wasting any time making a name for himself in Hollywood. The soon-to-be-star (and executive producer!) of NBC’s midseason comedy 1600 Penn has just signed on to co-write the long-awaited Twins sequel (yes, you read that right), Triplets, Hollywood.com has confirmed with a rep for Gad. The co-writer on script duty is Ryan Dixon.

Joining former stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito will be an all-new brother, Eddie Murphy. And just for good measure, Ivan Reitman—the Twins director—is returning to produce.

For those criminally unaware of the epic premise of the first film, allow us to give you a quick refresher: Julius and Vincent Benedict are twins that don’t meet until later in life. The results of a secret experiment carried out at a genetics laboratory to produce the perfect child, the two were lead to believe that their mother had died or abandoned them, while the mother believed that she’d only had one son who died during childbirth. Using sperm donated by six different fathers, the lab was hoping to create a super baby—TWIST!—but only by creating a garbage baby (the one with all the “genetic trash” if you will) to absorb the bad qualities can the other, super baby be…born? Crafted? Engineered? (So creepy!)

No surprise here, Schwarzenegger was considered the genetically desirable son, whereas DeVito was not. Hijinks ensued! It was a great time for everyone involved (especially me, since I was able to write the term “garbage baby” and have it not be totally off-topic)!

Are you excited about Gad taking on the script? Looking forward to Triplets? Sound off in the comments!

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