Alexander Skarsgard Lands Role On ‘Battleship’

ALTTrue Blood bad-boy Alexander Skarsgard will be making his first studio movie appearance opposite Taylor Kitsch in Battleship, Universal’s big-budget sci-fi adaptation of the popular Hasbro game.  Skarsgard has appeared in a number of films in his native Sweden, but has so far appeared only on television in America, making his major debut on HBO’s Generation Kill before becoming vampire-sheriff Eric Northman on True Blood.

Skarsgard will play a by-the-books naval officer, and Kitsch the hot-blooded younger brother who idolizes him.  Peter Berg (Hancock) will direct the two battleship-borne lads, who will have to join forces with an international fleet to repel  an attacking alien armada.  Later, it is revealed that both they and the invading alien horde are merely pawns in a strategy guessing-game of cosmic scale!  Just kidding, maybe.

While Skarsgard was recently passed by for the lead in Marvel’s Thor, losing out at the last moment to Chris Hemsworth, the Swedish actor will star in melancholic director Lars von Trier‘s Melancholia before beginning work on Battleship at the end of August.

Battleship will hit (or miss) in theaters on June 18, 2012.  And for Skarsgard’s sake I hope it doesn’t sink. 

Source: Heatvision