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Alexander Skarsgard

True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard isn’t exactly looking his best these days. Gone is the chiseled, muscular specimen of a man we have all come to know (and pine over), and in his place we have a sad, skinny, greasy fellow. Luckily, Skarsgard’s rapid weight loss — which has left him looking gaunt and sunken — is not due to sickness, but is rather all in the name of art. Skarsgard will play a father confined to a fallout shelter with his family following an apocalyptic outbreak in the upcoming film Hidden, which is slated for a 2013 release.

Recently, we’ve also seen Matthew McConaughey out and about looking scary skinny; once again, it’s for a role. And these two gentlemen, of course, aren’t the only actors to drastically alter their physical appearance for a film. Losing or gaining weight seems to signify an impending Oscar (just ask Natalie Portman or Charlize Theron — don’t ask Tom Hanks, he’s still bitter), so it’s no surprise actors jump at the chance to show their dedication to a role in this way.

Launch our gallery of stars who have made massive physical changes to see which other actors went all in, sometimes at the expense of their health.

The Most Startling Actor Transformations For Roles

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