All ‘Jackass’ Movies Available Through Facebook

Jackass 3For those of us with an unhealthily sense of schadenfreude and a much-resented colossal buildup of Facebook credits, GOOD NEWS! The Jackass series, our generation’s Airport, is offering you (just you, no one else) rental of any and all of its films through Facebook. Starting today, Now available for streaming through off the Jackass Facebook will, to be paid in Facebook credits, offer Jackass The Movie, Jackass 2, Jackass 2.5, Jackass 3 and Jackass 3.5 via streaming. Once the rental is initiated, you will have access to your film(s) for 48 hours. Think of the opportunity that is being presented to you: two straight days of watching an amount of violence that redefines the word “gratuitous” on your computer, courtesy of an imaginary currency developed by the world-controlling social networking system. Nothing could be more epitomal of our time.

Source: Deadline