‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Japanese Trailer Reveals Black & White Backstory


Spider-ManHe might seem like it’s being overshadowed by some of his comic book colleagues, but Peter Parker will not be forgotten. A new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has released, complete with Japanese subtitles (in the vein of the Marvel Universe’s international appeal).

Obviously, the first question when checking out any promotional material for director Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man flick, is how it compares to the Sam Raimi film of 2002. There are a lot of very specific similarities that come to mind watching the below trailer — like the shot of Peter Parker’s physical take-down of his high school bully in a crowded hallway. But other aspects, like the central villain (the Lizard), the love interest (Gwen Stacy), and the presence of Peter’s father all suggest, or at least lead fans to hope, that The Amazing Spider-Man will offer something new. There does seem to be an awful lot more buildings falling down in this trailer.

Check out the teaser below. Does it look to be too much of a rehashing, or will The Amazing Spider-Man give fans something that Spider-Man didn’t?

The film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans.


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