Ashton Kutcher Looks Mighty Creepy as Steve Jobs in ‘Jobs’ First Photograph

Ashton Kutcher

The news that the creatively titled Steve Jobs biopic Jobs is going to debut at the Sundance Film Festival this January was overshadowed by only one thing: how crazy Ashton Kutcher looks in the one press photo the movie has released.

Is it the dad jeans, the Gold Toe socks, the beard that isn’t quite grown in, the way that he’s holding his spectacles in a fashion that is so incredibly posed but is supposed to look natural like the glasses are forced into an action figure’s kung-fu grip. Is it all of those things? Is it that we feel like we’re watching That ’70s Show all over again, but now everyone is older and inappropriate? Is it that way that Ashton is looking into our eyes with that twinkle that says he knows something we don’t and he’s going to make us do something against our will (like watch this movie or go out to a van with no windows and close the door behind us)?

Ashton certain looks a lot better than Apple founder Jobs did in the