‘Avengers’ Sequel: It’s On!


ALT The real surprise here is that it took four whole days to become official: The Avengers is getting a sequel. Disney Chairman Bob Iger announced a followup to Marvel’s unprecedented box office hit today, as reported by The Wrap.

So now that you have the chore of hand-crafting another Avengers costume for the sequel’s premiere (no repeats, people), the questions can begin. First, the obvious: Who will be the villain? Those who caught the mid-credits scene, featuring a (SPOILER) brief appearance by Marvel supervillain Thanos, would be more than inclined to assume the sequel’s evilry to rest in this character’s hands.

Second (and more importantly), will Joss Whedon return as director? It is assumed that the entire central cast will be back for the followup flick. But will the fan favorite filmmaker who brought his trademark intellect, charm, and unapologetic nerdiness to the movie return? Fans should certainly hope so — the Buffy creator and Cabin in the Woods co-writer did wonders with the superhero epic, making it appealing to more than just avid comic book fans.

Plenty of other questions amount. Will the Avengers turn against one another? Will fallen heroes come back in some form? Will the sequel break its predecessor’s unholy record? Nobody knows yet… but everybody is eager to find out.


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