Cameron Diaz’s ‘Bad Teacher’ Is Getting An Unnecessary Sequel

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Bad Teacher has quite the legacy. The 2011 comedy has already spawned a TV series, and now it’s getting a sequel. Deadline reports that Bad Teacher 2 is in development, as a follow-up to the film starring Cameron Diaz. The original film, about an alcoholic gold-digging teacher, was a surprise hit at the box office, earning $216 million worldwide. Diaz has not signed on to the project yet.

CBS had previously announced a new series based on Bad Teacher as well. The show stars Ari Graynor and will premiere at midseason. This seems like a bit of Bad Teacher overload, considering the quality of the first movie.Are a sequel and a TV show really necessary? 

Sony Pictures’ president of production Hanna Minghella said the sequel “hits all the notes that made the first film such a breakthrough hit and also takes the characters in a new direction that is fresh and fun.” But we’ll believe it when we see it.

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