A Few More Appropriate Titles for ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Batman v Superman, Dawn of JusticeTwitter/batmanvsuperman

The most highly anticipated – and controversial – film of next year officially has a title: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Like most franchise sequels, the subtitle is both incredibly vague and highly specific, revealing nothing about the plot while at the same time setting up DC’s long-term plans. Since DC used the title as an opportunity to be upfront with its fans, we decided to help them out by coming up with a few honest titles of our own. Maybe one of these would be a bit more fitting: 

Batman V. Superman: The Prequel to The Justice League 

Batman V. Superman: The Franchise Bandwagon

Batman V. Superman: Because Every Superhero Needs an Elaborate Cinematic Universe Now

Batman V. Superman: Yes, There Will Be a Post-Credits Scene 

Batman V. Superman: Making Up for Man of Steel

Batman V. Superman: Wonder Woman’s In It! That Counts for Something, Right?

Batman V. Superman: An Homage to Christopher Nolan 

Batman V. Superman: We Added a Meaningless Subtitle So You Know It’s a Sequel 

Batman V. Superman: Now With More Heroes to Distract You From the Continutity Errors 

Batman V. Superman: Rich White Man Problems 

Batman V. Superman: Cut Us Some Slack, We’re Trying Our Best