(Half) Naked Celebs, Ahoy! The 20 Best Movie Swimsuits Ever – Photos

The days are getting longer. The temperature is getting hotter (or it will whenever Spring decides to stop pretending it’s winter, the jerk). It’s time to get in the swing of sunny things. What better way to get ready for Summer, than with the best, most enticing swimsuit scenes from all our favorite movies?

Credit: Universal Pictures

From Phoebe Cates’ classic poolside jaunt in Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Daniel Craig’s leisurely beach stroll in Casino Royale (we’re equal opportunity around here), we’ve got all the best – and in some cases, tiniest – bathing beauties and hunks from the big screen. 

You could take a few minutes to thank us for this invaluable public service, or you could just head on over to the gallery and enjoy. 

20 Sexiest Movie Swimsuits – GALLERY

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