Bosworth, Kruger, Mendes and Patton Reading For ‘Total Recall’ Remake

Kate BonsworthSo, no matter how much we try to pretend that it’s not, that Total Recall remake from director Len Wiseman is actually happening. Back in November, Colin Ferrell signed on to play Douglas Quaid, the original role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now there are women circling the female leads to round out the project.

Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger are reading for Quaid’s wife Lori, the role that launched Sharon Stone‘s career. And reading for the other major role of Melia, originally played by Rachel Ticotin, are Eva Mendes and Paula Patton.

As the picture comes together a little bit more, it’s starting to actually look like this film could be worth watching, but then again, Len Wiseman is the same dude who continues to think the world needs more Underworld movies, so his judgment may not be the best. Plus, as a Deadline commenter points out, there’s still a pretty big question that needs answered: who is going to play the original film’s three-breasted woman?

Source: Deadline