Bradley Cooper Returns to ‘The Silver Lining Playbook’

Bradley CooperSome fresh news: Bradley Cooper is in talks to star in David O. Russell’s The Silver Linings Playbook. Such an unprecedented surprise and historical outlier would never have been expec—wait a sec. This already happened.

Last December, Bradley Cooper was indeed in discussion to play the lead in the Matthew Quick adaptation. Shortly afterward, Cooper was said to be detached from the project. The main character was then given to Mark Wahlberg, Russell’s delicate muse. But, in an epic reversal of fortune, Wahlberg is OUT (scheduling conflicts) and Cooper might be back IN.

Cooper is not the only re(re)placement in the works. Jennifer Lawrence has beaten an army of actresses out for the lead female, replacing the formerly rumored Anne Hathaway.

And, of course, word has it that Robert De Niro is also in talks for a role. Now, separately, Cooper and De Niro have each offered us some fine pieces of cinema. But last time the two were put together…let’s just say, whoever made that movie wasn’t using more than 5% of his brain. However, Russell (or do we call him O. Russell?) is the kind of filmmaker who has grave potential, and the this particular project will be a good outlet for his introspective, innovative style.

Source: Comingsoon