‘Bullet Run’ Will Take Fast & Furious Direction From Rob Cohen

Rob CohenBack before it was a major world religion, The Fast and the Furious was a simple high-speed action movie directed by Rob Cohen, who had prior to that done most of his directing work for television. Now, Cohen is tacked on for another wearing-its-intensity-on-its-sleeve title, Bullet Run.

Voltage Pictures brought in Cohen after receiving the script, which is your classic “Rogue Agent Married Couple Infiltrates Iran to Avenge their Daughter’s Death” story: a plot that was likely conjured up to serve as a reason to drive really, really fast for ninety minutes.

Cohen is reportedly very excited about the project. Also in the works for the director is a mystery-thriller I, Alex Cross, based on the James Patterson novel: another revenge story (somebody must have wronged Cohen when he was younger) set to star Matthew Fox and Tyler Perry. As a man, this time.

Andrew Hilton, writer of the upcoming The Lost Patrol, penned the script for Bullet Run. Zev Foreman will play executive producer.

Source: Deadline