Bully PG-13 Re-cut: Could A New Rating be a Bad Thing?

ALTThere’s been much back-and-forth about the R rating for the documentary Bully. And now, according to a new report in the LA Times, The Weinstein Co. is planning to release a new version that will earn it a PG-13. 

According to two sources familiar with the company’s plans, the re-cut would adjust some language in a scene that depicts two teens having a verbal fight on a school bus, with one hurling profanities towards the other.

In recent weeks, celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Demi Lovato have publicly opposed the harsh rating, urging the MPAA to lower it to PG-13 in the hopes that more young adults will see the movie. And more importantly take something away from the Lee Hirsch film.

Up until this point, the Weinstein Co.’s head of marketing, Stephen Bruno had said, “there are no plans to change the film for a PG-13.”

The question is whether teens should be allowed to see the movie without an adult. If they are, it could lead to a copycat mentality if a person of authority is not there to point out right from wrong. It’s the video game debate all over again. Do impressionable people mimic what they see — despite it being morally and legally wrong? At least if they are required to see it with an adult, there is the hope that a discussion could be had discussing why this type of behavior is unacceptable.

As of this weekend, the movie was released without a rating to five theaters and will expand to a larger audience on April 13.

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