Cameron Crowe Makes Emma Stone New Leading Lady

Emma Stone Cameron CroweWelp, it looks like Cameron Crowe is set to direct Emma Stone in his new, as-yet-untitled love story in the spring. And while the male lead has yet to be cast, it’s already an exciting enough movie prospect; the thought of Crowe and Stone combining forces to bring us what will probably be a heartfelt and cozy romance has us giddy already. Crowe wrote the script and Scott Rudin is also set to produce, so there’s lots of good mojo going on in this film’s back pocket. Deadline explains that “the tone is reminiscent of past Crowe films Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire,” which translates to: color us intrigued!

Working with Crowe is undoubtedly a huge get for any Hollywood actress, but how does Stone stack up against his previous leading ladies? We’ve broken it down for you below:

Kate Hudson in Almost Famous

Emma doesn’t really strike the ‘ethereal boho’-type to us, but her playfulness and sense of humor could certainly put her in the same category of Crowe leading lady as Hudson (who arguably had the best performance of her career in this film). While The Help was Emma’s biggest role thus far, we have a feeling that Crowe could potentially help her redefine what role she is known for with this new film of theirs.

Renée Zellweger in Jerry Maguire

While this role may not be the role people think of when Renée comes to mind (we save that for Bridget Jones), her turn as Dorothy Boyd certainly made her a star in many ways. After all, she completed us in this role. Perhaps Stone will have the same luck; perhaps she’ll get her “hello” moment.

Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown

This film, well…it wasn’t Cameron’s greatest. And Kirsten really went the way of the quirky mysterious girl–but cranked it up to eleven. As long as Emma steers clear of any sort of contrived manic pixie dream girl (I know! We all hate that saying, but it feels apt here) shenanigans, we definitely think she has the potential to outshine this miss.

Stone certainly has some stiff competition when it comes to Crowe’s Greatest Female Hits, but we think she’s up for the challenge; in fact, we’d wager that she could land herself in the top three if she plays her cards right (read: don’t be like Dunst). Her sass, charm, and sense of humor make her perfect for a Crowe film–and you can mark us down in the ‘excited’ column on this one.


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