Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender Explore Alien World in New ‘Promethus’ Pics

In 1979, we (and I use that word loosely, as I was not particularly “alive” yet) experienced a science fiction majesty in the form of Ridley Scott’s genre-topper, Alien. Seven years later, James Cameron put his spin on Scott’s mythology with the not-too-shabby Aliens. After that, we saw a few halfhearted attempts at a revival of the themes and characters created by the first film’s screenwriter Dan O’Bannon. We waded through Alien3, Alien: ResurrectionAlien vs. Predator and Alien vs. Predator – Requiem, seeking the charm that made the first Alien such a definitive classic.

Prometheus might very well be our savior. Scott himself is helming this new film that embraces the world created back in Alien. The project began, theoretically, as a prequel to Scott’s ’79 masterpiece, but has evolved into an entity all its own. Still, a revisiting to the universe Scott and O’Bannon delivered with such mystery and grandeur way back when will be more than enough of a thrill for many of us.

Below, we have some exciting new images from the film, followed by one of Scott himself directing star Noomi Rapace on set. In the images directly from the film, we see stars Charlize Theron and Idris Elba having some trouble aboard ship, and Michael FassbenderLogan Marshall-Greene and Rapace exploring the depths of what seems like a ravaged alien temple. 

Prometheus reaches theaters June 8, 2012.






Source: Filmstage