‘Con Air’ Director Takes on ‘Expendables’ Sequel

Simon WestRemember when you really liked The Expendables, but didn’t feel comfortable admitting that to any of your ‘intellectual’ friends? Well, get ready for a rehashing of that swallowed shame and inexplicable secret bliss. Not only are we promised a return of the upper tier of the first film’s cast, this time around, Simon West will direct The Expendables 2.

You probably aren’t sure who West is simply by name—he hasn’t exactly branded himself with any major franchises. But he was responsible for the 1997 action-thriller Con Air. Con Air was the first time I ever understood what it is to be alive. West served up the first real surge of adrenaline I’d experience in my nine years of life. And now, he’s taking the two guys who ended the Cold War, the British super-con, the Wrestler and JET LI (no moniker necessary when your name is Jet), and delivering to America via Millenium Films and Lionsgate a movie that promises to be so impossibly exciting that geographical consistencies will be no more.

So, this time around, cast away your sheath of humility. Buy the shirt. Shout the tagline. Embrace your base desire to watch things that are fast, loud, and flammable. The Expendables 2. It can’t be stopped.

Source: Deadline