Cooper Looking Forward To Another ‘Hangover’

Actor Bradley Cooper is thrilled that movie bosses are planning a sequel to The Hangover, insisting he would rush to film the follow-up even if the script was awful.

The comedy, starring Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, was the surprise smash of 2009, raking in $459 million at the box office.

Writer/director Todd Phillips is already working on a second installment — and Cooper is eager to get back on set with his friends.

He says, “Even if it’s not a good script, I’d do it! When you have an experience like this with people you get along with, it’s a rarity. So if someone says, ‘Do you want to spend three months doing it again?’ In a heartbeat!

“It’s a very intimate thing you go through, shooting a movie. You find out whether you really like somebody, or you very much dislike somebody, pretty fast. It’s like [playing] a sport together.”

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