Dakota Fanning Signs Up for British Biopic ‘Effie’

ALTDakota Fanning is busier now than she was in her tween years, and she’s added yet another upcoming movie to her crazy schedule: the Emma Thompson-scripted Effie.

She will play the title role in the British quasi-biopic, about the rocky 1950s marriage between teenager Euphemia Gray and renowned critic John Ruskin. The five-year marriage was doomed from the start, as Ruskin’s unexplained disgust with Gray’s body prevented consummation all along. Ultimately, Effie fell for Ruskin’s protege, John Everett Millais, and one of the more famed love triangles ensued.

Greg Wise (Johnny English) will play Ruskin, Tom Sturridge (Pirate Radio) will play Millais, and Richard Laxton (An Englishman in New York) will direct.

The film becomes one of over a half dozen — include the two-part Twilight finale — Fanning has in the works.

Source: Deadline

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