Daniel Pearl’s Parents Applaud Angelina Jolie’s Role in Drama

Slain journalist Daniel Pearl’s parents have applauded Angelina Jolie for helping to turn their son’s last days into a new movie, even though they were initially unsure about the project.

Ruth and Judea Pearl are convinced the casting of Jolie as their daughter-in-law Mariane in A Mighty Heart is perfect, and they’re delighted the gifted actress and humanitarian is starring in the drama, which is an adaptation of Mariane’s book.

Speaking exclusively to news show Extra, Ruth says, “I think she (Jolie) stands for very noble causes. She’s a great person.”

The Pearls admit they were very reluctant to give the film their OK when it was first presented to them.

Ruth adds, “This is difficult. The loss of Danny is not easy for anyone to take and I didn’t want to see Danny being played by an actor, but being done the way it’s being done, it’s very comforting.”

The Wall Street Journal writer was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002, while researching a story about Muslim fundamentalists.

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