‘Dark Knight’ Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt in ‘Justice League’? Why It Could Happen

Justice LeagueWhen it comes to comic book films, there is no such thing as too many. And The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is learning the hard way.

As his role in Dark Knight continues to play in theaters nationwide, the actor is already getting questioned about whether or not he will have a place in the highly-anticipated DC comic book flick, Justice League.

The actor spoke to MTV about the Warner Bros. film and about whether or not he is even interested. “It all depends,” he says. “I always pick projects that I want to be involved in for the same reasons. Is the script really good? Is the filmmaker a really inspired artist that I feel connected to? That’s what I always pay attention to.”

We’re still focusing our attention on who the director will be. But with the movie slated for 2015, there’s still plenty of time for major announcements.

[Photo Credit: DC Comics]


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