David O. Russell May Direct ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ With Mark Wahlberg

David O RussellDavid O. Russell is having a hard time deciding what film deserves his powers next. The Oscar-nominated director is juggling a handful of projects ranging in size and genre, from comedies (The Silver Linings Playbook, Old St. Louis) to action tentpoles (Uncharted). According to The Playlist, you can add true-story crime drama Cocaine Cowboys to his to-do list.

The film, which is based on a 2006 documentary of the same name, centers on notorious ‘70s drug dealer Jon Roberts, who moves from New York (where he was involved in gangland takeovers of the city’s nightclubs) to Miami where he gets set up with a powerful drug cartel. The project has seen many incarnations and ups-and-downs: Leonardo DiCaprio was involved in a version that was to be directed by Peter Berg before Wahlberg got involved, but The Fighter star has taken the reigns since. It would make perfect sense for the actor to seek out the creative assistance of his favorite collaborator; some of his best work has been drawn from O. Russell and they both seem to be having special moments, separately and together, in their careers.

However, it’s still unknown whether or not Cowboys will come next either, because O. Russell is about as in demand as St. Nick on Christmas Eve these days. The auteur has his hand in so many developing productions, from a comic book adaptation (2 Guns) to a political rom-com (Sammy’s Hill) to a Rock N’ Roll comedy (Under Cover) all while doing final press rounds for this Sunday’s Oscar ceremony. While Uncharted would appear to be the highest priority, there’s no telling where this filmmaker will go next.

Source: The Playlist