Denzel Washington Makes Us Question Our Safety in New ‘Safe House’ Poster

Denzel Washington is its own genre of movie. It’s adrenal, but thoughtful. It’s heavy, but fun. It’s challenging, but approachable. Safe House looks to fall right into your neighborhood of Denzelia, and no one is complaining.

The upcoming film will star Washington as a rogue CIA agent under house arrest—another classic Denzel juxtaposition: he’s bad, but you still kind of root for him—with a rookie officer (Ryan Reynolds) acting as his guardian. However, when their residence becomes the target of an attack, Washington must utilize his special agent prowess to save his life and that of Reynolds’ character. 

A race against time? Crooked officers? High-level crime? Yeah, this is a Denzel movie all right. And again: no one is complaining.

Safe House is directed by Swedish director Daniel Espinosa. reaches theaters Feb. 10, 2012.


Source: Moviefone