Dimension Wants ‘Piranha 3D’ Sequel Next Summer

ALT TEXTDimension Films loves the taste of killer fish.

The studio has hired writers and a director to pump out a sequel to Piranha 3D, hoping to land the project in theaters by late August 2011. John Gulager will direct, and Saw 3D scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan will write the script.

The first film, directed by Alexandre Aja and released back in August to decent reviews and mild box office success, told the story of a prehistoric piranha that unleashed hell on an unsuspecting group of swimmers. The result? Bloody, gut-filled water.

The sequel reassembles the team of Feast, which Melton and Dunstan wrote with Gulager at the helm. Obviously, there’s no plot details yet, but there’s no doubt that Melton and Dunstan have something wicked in mind. Dimension expects a script in four weeks to get the project underway for their proposed release date. Although that’s quite the tight schedule, Melton and Dunstan should be able to quickly crank out some sweet piranha-related death scenes. The two scribes fit the bill perfectly for this film. Their work on Saw proves they know how to handle the more absurd, slasher type of horror films. Plus, they both attended my alma mater, the University of Iowa, so they have that going for them. Go Hawks!

Source: Deadline