Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood are Ready for Liftoff in ‘Flight’

Bruce GreenwoodRobert Zemeckis’ Flight is destined for greatness. Most people immediately amp up their optimism when they hear that Denzel Washington is headlining a new movie, and for good reason. But he is not the only aspect of this drama about an alcoholic pilot whose guilt and public shame regarding a near-accident drive him into a downward spiral. As we reported last week, Denzel’s lead character, whose name is Whip (that is actually one of my favorite parts of this whole thing), will, in his time of darkness, befriend an equally troubled drug addict named Nicole—she will be played by the soon-to-be-a-household-name Kelly Reilly. But the good news expands with the inclusion of Bruce Greenwood (yes) and Don Cheadle (yesser).

There is no word on what characters Greenwood or Cheadle will take. The movie heavily revolves around an investigation of Whip and his responsibility for the incident on the flight, so we can assume that a political figure or legal official leading the investigation might be a major role.

In fact, the whole story is full of great potential characters for either of these two fine actors. There are copilots, flight attendants, passengers on the plane, the quick-witted doctor forced to attend to the ailing cockpit, the rowdy US Navy pilot whose bravado results in the death of his friend, the inhabitants of the mysterious island where the plane crash-lands…learn from the greats, Zemeckis. Learn from the greats.

Source: Moviehole