Celebrity Cameos You Can’t Wait To See In ‘Don Jon’

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s highly-anticipated directorial debut Don Jon hit theatres this past weekend, and the reviews are looking good. One of the draws to the film — which focuses on a New Jersey guy and his porn addiction (and much more) — is definitely the cast. With Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead, and a supporting cast that includes Tony Danza and Scarlett Johansson, there’s plenty to get excited about. But in case you need five more reasons to check out the flick, here are a few cameo appearances we can’t wait to see in Don Jon.

Anne Hathaway and Channing Tatum

In Don Jon, JGL may play a porn addict, but his girlfriend (ScarJo) has her own addiction — romantic comedies. Anne Hathaway and Channing Tatum apparently play a couple in a phony movie, creating a movie-within-a-movie feel which should be pretty awesome. You can expect a hilarious, melodramatic love scene from the two esteemed actors.

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Meagan Good

Upon first learning that Cuba Gooding Jr. was in the film, we couldn’t help but wonder if he maybe played a porn star in one of Jon’s favorite movies? It may sound bizarre, but if you’ve ever seen Gooding in Lee Daniels’ Shadowboxer, you get it. But alas, he appears in a scene similar to Hathaway and Tatum’s — he teams up with the gorgeous Meagan Good for another romantic, tongue-in-cheek type love scene.

John C. Reilly

Okay, we actually have no idea what he’s doing in this movie, but really. Who cares? It’s John C. Reilly! And this will be a nice hold-over until Anchorman 2 gets released.

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