Dreamers Review

I won’t give away the film’s clever opening except to say that it’s

playfully inventive and if you buy into it it ties together nicely

with the rest of the film. Essentially it’s a film about the American

dream Hollywood style: Two young kids growing up in Smalltown USA who

go to Tinseltown with delusions of grandeur hoping to escape their

insulated world for fame and fortune. Oh yeah and one of the guys sells

his virginity to get funding for their film.

Jeremy Jordan and Mark Ballou as CFDS (Chronic Filmmaking Dream

Syndrome) sufferers Dave and Ethan are believably earnest in a 1990

“Dawson’s Creek” sort of way. Ruth De Sosa is the Beverly Hills

housewife exploiting the sexually repressed boys for cheap thrills and

Courtney Gains plays the dim-witted producer. No stars here but no

wannabes either.

Probably the most amazing thing about the film is Lu’s fascination with

and affinity for Americana. It’s hard to believe the director has only

been in the United States for five years; her feeling for the small-town

characters and their situations is dead-on. And Lu has a great sense of

visual style particularly for such a low-budget affair.