‘Easy A’ Director And Emma Stone To Re-Team

Emma Stone Did you like Easy A? Specifically, did you like the tone of the film, courtesy of rising comedy director Will Gluck and its star Emma Stone? In all probability, you did. The high school-set contemporary rehash of The Scarlet Letter was a riotous good time that has gotten almost universal praise and made Stone a household name. It’d be kind of hard not to like either of them. Well do I have good news for you…they’re re-teaming for another movie!

According to Screen Gems (the division of Sony Pictures that is responsible for the $65 million hit) topper Clint Culpepper, “Will and Emma blossomed in Easy A, which was easily the most well-liked and best critiqued movie Screen Gems has made. To have them want to team again at Screen Gems makes me the happiest and luckiest guy in the business. I’d have had to pour a glass of iced tea over his head had he tried to go anywhere else.” Sounds like Culpepper is very enthusiastic about this dynamic duo and won’t short change the new project, whatever it turns out to be.

Word on the street is that Gluck will script the film while he edits Friends With Benefits, his Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis comedy due in theaters July 22nd. Production could very well start before then if all goes smoothly. Of course, Stone’s busy schedule is a major factor in the start date. She’s just about finished with DreamWorks’ period drama The Help and will soon start on Marc Webb’s Spider Man reboot. Rumor has that she is also attached to Sony’s 21 Jump Street reboot, which would go before cameras in the spring just after Spider-Man wraps. My guess is that the new movie will shoot after all that, making Stone one of Sony’s star players and her fans very happy campers!

Source: Deadline