‘Easy A’ Director Will Gluck Scores Deal With Sony

will gluckYou know how the old saying goes, If You Create Three Critically Successful Films For A Company Then They Will Give You A Two Year Talent Deal? Seems like Will Gluck has proven that timeless saying true once again.

After successfully directing Fired Up, Easy A and the forthcoming Friends With Benefits, Sony Pictures has signed Gluck to a two year development and production deal. Basically what this means is that he has the freedom to do almost whatever he wants and Sony will bank roll it. In reality, it’s much more complicated than that but it does mean that Gluck will be producing more content and that is a great thing. True, Gluck isn’t some uber-comedy God but he does make well crafted movies that are much better than most things that pass for “comedies” these days. We’re definitely looking forward to the fruits of this contract.

Read on for some comments from Gluck and the Sony Entertainment brass who inked the deal:

Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO and Co-Chairman said: “Will is an extraordinary talent who has a unique comedic voice. He has now directed three films for us and each one was distinctive and contemporary. He writes and directs movies that are timeless, hilarious, engaging and disarming. Michael, Clint and I have loved working with him, and this deal will allow him to channel his energy in any creative direction he hopes to pursue.”

Gluck added: “Sony has been an incredible home to me over the past few years. It’s a gratifying environment – you can’t ask for more than the chance to work with people who are so encouraging, smart and passionate about your projects. From film to television, their teams are absolutely the best in the business, and I’m proud and excited to continue to call Sony my home.”

Source: Deadline