Exclusive: Camelot Blurs the Line Between Movie and TV Special Effects

With TV already delivering some of the best drama and comedy in entertainment, it makes sense that the ambitious networks would start setting their sights on bigger spectacle. With the right budgets, their shows could finally match those of blockbuster films—and that’s the name of the game: “whatever they can do, we can do too!”

Starz’s fantasy show Camelot is a prime example of episodic series upping their game. This isn’t Hercules-style, goofy CG with filler walking and talking to tide you over until the next hammy villain. The cable network went full force with their take on the Arthurian legend, complete with sweeping landscapes, magical eye candy and special effect-aided action pieces. Even the simplest of use of visual trickery requires elaborate tinkering, but the brains behind the show are now able to think and operate on a whole new level.

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming Camelot Blu-ray (which hits shelves September 13th), star Jamie Campbell Bower (who some of you may know from the The Twilight Saga) scales a towering waterfall—with the help of both practical and digital special effects. It’s a neat behind-the-scenes look at the layered work it takes to bring a simple scene like this to life, an effort that helps bring a sense of realism to Camelot’s fantastical world:

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