Exclusive: Kevin Spacey Begs Craig Robinson for Cash in New The Father of Invention’ Clip

Going into this clip knowing little about the The Father of Invention, I was enamored by the visual of a chubby Kevin Spacey riding a bicycle down a dirt path, calling out both unnervedly and familiarly for Ranger Jerry.

Spacey is the sort who, by appearance alone, conjures up the idea of classy Oscar bait, so my immediate thoughts on this film were as such: perhaps something a little stuffy and overly serious, even. And then, out of the woods, comes Craig Robinson, a man with a staunch reputation for outlandish comedies. I never expected to see these two men share a scene, but I’m glad I did—the payoff of their joint ‘types’ is perfection. We have some sincerity, some sophistication, and some genuine humor and fun.

The Father of Invention tells the story of Robert Axle (Spacey), an infomercial guru who returns to society after almost a decade in prison, aiming to win back his family and reclaim his professional throne.