Exclusive: Seth Rogen Says ‘Live With It’ Is Untitled Again, Will Release In September

Seth RogenI just left the Columbia Pictures offices where I got to chat with Seth Rogen about his new superhero comedy The Green Hornet, and while talking about the big-budget adventure I managed to get a little update on his long-delayed cancer dramedy Live With It. The film stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as a 27-year old cancer patient who struggles with the diagnosis. Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard and Anjelica Huston co-star, and with a cast like that you’d think distributor Summit Entertainment would be anxious to release the picture. For too long there has been no word on its status, until today.

Rogen exclusively told me that the film would finally release in September. He didn’t give a specific date, though my hunch is that it could make its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before eventually hitting national theaters later in the month. That is, of course, speculation but Rogen did offer another interesting tidbit of info. He says that the film will no longer go by its title Live With It and that the project has internally reverted back to “untitled cancer comedy.”

Personally I thought that Live With It was the perfect title for a film bearing such heavy subject matter. It was certainly better than I’m With Cancer, another one of its would-be titles. Rogen didn’t offer any reason for the name change, so I hope he can come up with something equally as expressive of the films theme. Stay tuned for our full interview with Seth Rogen early next week, in which we discuss The Green Hornet in great detail!