Exclusive ‘Spy Kids 4’ Interviews: Rodriguez, Alba, Piven and More!

Robert Rodriguez has always been a filmmaker with divergent creative impulses, his oeuvre evenly split between ultra-violent, over-the-top action flicks and whimsical, heartfelt family films. His last film, Machete, featured a scene in which a man uses another man’s intestines as rappelling rope. His latest, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, aims to teach kids the value of teamwork. Same brain, different hemispheres.

The fourth entry in the Spy Kids franchise and the first since 2003’s Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, All the Time in the World arrives this week armed with a revamped cast, the added novelty of Aromascope (a feature that allows audience to experience different scents throughout the film), and visions of a new series of blockbuster adventures featuring pint-sized superspies. We recently caught up with Rodriguez and All the Time in the World stars Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, and Jeremy Piven to talk about their experience re-inventing Spy Kids for a new generation:

Jessica Alba on being Rodriguez’s inspiration for the film and her eagerness to make an action film: