6 Female Superheroes Who Need Their Own Film

The Avengers Scarlett JohanssonZade Rosenthal/Marvel Studios

Superman and Batman will soon be teaming up in the Man of Steel sequel, but what about Supergirl and Batgirl? Every day it seems there’s another superhero movie at the box office raking in millions of dollars. What do all these movies have in common besides big action sequences, city destruction, and superpowers? Testosterone.

Although the comic book pages are full of cool female characters with a trick or two up their sleeves, few have made the leap onto the silver screen. And the ones who have? The less said about Catwoman or Electra, the better. Instead of another super movie starring a studly dude, let’s give some of these cool ladies a try.

Black Widow
After appearances in the smash hit The Avengers as well as Iron Man 2 and the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier, isn’t it about time Natasha Romanoff gets her own starring vehicle to play her spy games?

Wonder Woman
Seriously, how is it possible that one of the most iconic superheroes still hasn’t made the jump to the large screen? What is it that makes Wonder Woman’s story so hard to adapt? From the failed Joss Whedon movie treatment to the even more failed David E. Kelly television pilot, poor Wondy has been in development purgatory for too long.

DC Comics is pretty desperate to extend their most famous and critically appreciated franchise. Why not pick up the dynamic tale of Barbara Gordon? Batgirl would have plenty of thrills and include the gritty realism the new Batman movies are known for when Barbara is paralyzed and transitions into super hacker Oracle.

X-Men Halle Berry20th Century Fox/Everett Collection

One of the few prominent women of color in comic books, Storm has been mostly sidelined in the big-budget X-Men movies. The solution, obviously, is to give the superheroine her own franchise. After all, there’s already been two Wolverine movies!

Instead of another reboot of Spider-Man, why didn’t Marvel chose to tell the story of Spider-Woman instead? Jessica starts out as a villain but becomes a hero, making her arc an interesting spin on the usual superhero fare.

Captain Marvel
It’s almost unbelievable that Marvel is adapting Ant-Man for the big screen before one of their flagship titles, the tough-as-nails Captain Marvel. It’s high past time superpowered fighter pilot Carol Danvers made her debut on the big screen.

What do you think? What super ladies do you want to see grace the big screen? Share in the comments!

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