For Shame, Academy! 9 Golden Globe Winners Who Should Have Won Oscars



Unlike the Academy Awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has structured its Golden Globes awards show to maximize film exposure. If it’s remotely good — be it a drama, a comedy, a musical, or even a performance that lasts a few minutes — it stands a good chance at a nomination. Often, the criteria for the Golden Globes seems too loose — anyone see The Tourist? — but in many cases, the expansion into all genres allows for the year’s best to earn the gold they deserve.

To prove that the Oscars don’t always get it right (and the Golden Globes often pick up their slack), has assembled some of the past decade’s most egregious snubs. Whether they lost out in the Academy home stretch or failed to even get a nomination, the Globes were smart enough to bestow these movies and actors with their prestigious prize. Check out our gallery of…

9 Golden Globe Winners Who Should Have Won Oscars

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