Fresh ‘New Moon’ Trailer to Debut Friday!

Twilight fans (are there any of you out there?) can satiate a bit of vampire lust this Friday by hitting up theaters to see a brand new New Moon trailer.

The New Moon clip will be a preview to BandslamVanessa Hudgens‘ new flick being released by Summit Entertainment — the same company that’s behind the Twilight movies — this Friday, August 14.

Fans who can’t wait until Friday can catch a 10-second preview of the trailer that will air nationwide beginning this Wednesday.

No word on whether or not the new clip will be the same one we saw at Comic-Con in July, but if it is, expect to see Kristen Stewart on a motorcycle, Robert Pattinson‘s much-talked-about “apparition work” and Taylor Lautner‘s highly anticipated shirtless chest.

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