Give Wonder Woman a Movie Already! Four Posters for Our Superhero Movies Wishlist


Superheros are absolutely everywhere. We’ve run two cycles on Iron Man, we’ve assembled the Avengers, thrown the Hulk through the ringer, gone three rounds with Spider-Man just to reboot him at the last minute, and we’ve seen Batman contort from Michael Keaton to Val Kilmer to George Clooney to Christian Bale’s Dark Knight. Heck, we even saw the Green Hornet and the Green Lantern try and throw their hats into the ring in the same year, stretching the pop culture lexicon of superheros just a little bit wider. But now that our consciousness has been so extended, can we squeeze in any other masked crime fighters? Well, we can try.

To make this transition a little easier, we’ve selected a few Superheros primed for their own movies and we’ve graciously given them movie posters to get them started on their way. Think of these as bite-sized intros to the vigilantes we could very well see taking the big screen (fingers crossed!) in the near future.

Wonder Woman


After the disheartening attempt at a Wonder Woman TV series, the character is in need of some redemption – and an update that gives her more credit than Carrie Bradshaw-meets-She-Ra. She’s supposed to be “The Woman Who Could Rule the World,” so let’s give her a little more cred. She’s got a history as a secret agent, but now she’s a scrappy Private Investigator on the streets of New York by day and a superhero by night. Farewell high-waisted booty shorts and princess tiara, hello warrior headband and leather pants. In short, our new Wonder Woman is a total badass and Gina Carano has that written all over her.