Hype for Next Year’s ‘Godzilla’ Goes Viral

Hype for Next Year’s ‘Godzilla’ Goes Viral

Godzilla 2014

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Godzilla may finally get the film treatment he deserves. The hype behind next year’s Godzilla roared at Comic-Con 2013. Con-goers who squeezed into Hall H approved of the trailer, which was reported to include at least another monster and had a serious tone.

Recently, leaked trailers of the film have hit the Internet, cluttering Twitter and Facebook feeds. Since they haven’t been official, websites have been forced to take them down. But what was there for that brief time was good. Damn good. And popular.

A Dailymotion video garnered more than 100,000 views in just a matter of hours. YouTube had it. Movie sites praised the one minute and change trailer, uploading it on their site while collecting tons of viewers; people flooded the comments section about how strong the potential of Godzilla could be.

Why did the trailers get taken down? Whether Warner Bros. did this on purpose is unknown. Either way, it is a brilliant marketing ploy. Fans want to see the Big G in a serious American movie. That campy 1998 version starring Ferris Bueller won’t cut it.

Director Gareth Edwards has promised Godzilla will be what fans are craving. Like Christopher Nolan did with the Dark Knight trilogy.

If you dig hard enough, there might be a trailer still up. What was there, however, featured destruction — busted trains, debris everywhere, holes in buildings. The majority of the trailer’s audio is J. Robert Oppenheimer’s speech about the creation of the atomic bomb with this part standing out: “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Of course during this time we see monster arms and legs and finally, Godzilla shouts his signature roar at the end.

A second trailer shows soldiers parachuting out of a plane to fight back against the mythical beast. Again, this trailer is serious stuff. You’ll have to dig to find this one as well.