Gwyneth Paltrow Will Be in ‘Glee! Live! 3D’

Now, it took me a while to jump on the “WTF is Gwyneth Paltrow Thinking?” train, but I’m on it now with my seat belt securely fastened. Apparently, not only did she Goop all over Glee for a few episodes, now, she’s going to be in the show’s overly-excited, over-hyped (did I mention gratuitous) concert movie, Glee! Live! 3D.

The flick is filming as the Gleeks take their live shows around the country and last night, Paltrow showed up in her Holly Holiday best to reprise “Forget You.” Apparently, this little stunt will make it into the final cut of the film, because why wouldn’t it?  Okay, whatever, I guess it’s fine — albeit unnecessary — but my real issue here is the rest of the kids. (Oh yeah, we have video evidence. Thanks, Vulture.) How is it that these kids are being paid tons of money to perform and the folks in the audience are paying tons of money to see them perform and no one seems to have learned a single choreographed dance move in this video? This isn’t airbands in the gym, kids. This is an actual concert. How about we don’t just skip around like we spent 20 minutes thinking of musical cues to run to in Performing Arts Center before hitting the stage, okay? We gleeks wouldn’t put up with this on Glee, and I certainly don’t think we should put up with it for Glee! Live! either.

Source: Vulture