How Will Channing Tatum Save the President in Roland Emmerich’s ‘White House...

How Will Channing Tatum Save the President in Roland Emmerich’s ‘White House Down’?

ALT Remember last year, when you didn’t know who Channing Tatum was? It almost seems impossible, as the 32-year-old rising star has immersed himself in every genre known to man: comedy, drama, romance, action, dance, exotic dance. The works. The actor with the greatest zero-to-sixty in showbiz is in talks to join White House Down, a D.C. action-thriller that will give him his first federal agent, “only man for the job” role — a rite of passage for every alpha male in Hollywood.

The film comes from director Roland Emmerich, the man who holds the record for most attempts at destroying the planet (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Godzilla), and centers on a militia group that invades and overtakes the White House, kidnapping the presidential family. Tatum will play a Secret Service agent (and single dad) charged with saving the commander-in-chief’s life.

So what exactly does Channing Tatum: Federal Agent have up his sleeve? Well, if his White House Down character is inspired by a composite of Tatum’s past film roles (as you can logically assume it is), here’s what fans might be in store for:

Operation Up-Step: Agent Tatum (you can logically assume that will be his name) can outfox a group of agile terrorists with some fancy footwork set to a Public Domain song.

Operation Sparks: The ever-so-suave Tatum can win the heart of a young woman who has been corrupted by the militant fleet, imbuing her with the warmth she once knew, and convincing her to spill the secrets of her evil organization.

Operation 21: Tatum can disguise himself as a much younger White House invader, immersing himself among the baddies and earning their trust, before striking.

Operation Magic: Tatum can take off his shirt. You won’t even care what happens after that in the story.

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