Hugh Jackman Confirms Darren Aronofsky for ‘Wolverine 2’

ALT TEXTHugh Jackman is pumped up for Wolverine 2 — literally.

“Expect to see four chicken breasts and a whole pile of steamed broccoli on my plate,” he told Vulture. “I’m starting; I’m having my six meals a day.”

He also confirmed that Darren Aronofsky will indeed be directing Wolverine 2. He claims that it will not be the “usual” X-Men movie. And honestly, it’s Aronofsky. That’s not too surprising.

Jackman can’t seem to contain his excitement to work with Aronofsky again. The two last collaborated on 2006’s ambitious sci-fi romance The Fountain, and have developed a good relationship as a result.

“This is, hopefully for me, going to be out of the box. It’s going to be the best one, I hope,” he said. “Well, I would say that, but I really do feel that, and I feel this is going to be very different.”

“This is Wolverine. This is not Popeye. He’s kind of dark,” Jackman said. “But, you know, this is a change of pace. Chris McQuarrie, who wrote The Usual Suspects, has written the script, so that’ll give you a good clue. [Aronofsky’s] going to make it fantastic. There’s going to be some meat on the bones. There will be something to think about as you leave the theater, for sure.”

Personally, after hearing Jackman’s excitement about the proposed production, I think this is exactly how Wolverine should be done and there’s no one better to handle it than Darren Aronofsky (well, except for maybe Christopher Nolan. But if I had my way, he’d remake every superhero film ever made). These words — dark, meaty, different — are what has me particularly stoked about the film. These words cannot be used to describe X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That film definitely lacked character and depth. after Aronofosky’s terrific work in The Wrestler and Black Swan, it’s clear that he’s on a roll and I can’t wait to see him examine Wolverine with the same microscope that he’s used to explore the dark corners of the human spirit in his past films.

Source: Vulture