‘Human Centipede 3’ Coming to America

The Human CentipedeWith so many movie productions opting to shoot abroad, it’s heartening to know that there are still directors interested in making films in the good old US of A. Netherlands native Tom Six, director of the delightful Human Centipede duology, has announced that he’s planning a third Human Centipede film, which he says will be made “entirely in America,” according to Empire Online. Six, whom Empire describes as “a disarmingly gentle soul,” claims Human Centipede 3 will make the UK-banned Human Centipede 2 “look like a Disney film.” How disarmingly gentle of him.

Source: Empire

As the Louisiana and New Mexico film commisions prepare their Human Centipede 3 tax-rebate proposals (those are shovel-ready jobs, people!), feast your eyes on the trailer for the movie that started it all: