‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’: Bruno Gunn is Brutus

ALTDo you remember Brutus, the Career from District 2 in Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games book? Well, I don’t really either. I remember he was big and strong and mean and was maybe friends with Enobario, who I only remember because she has the coolest name this side of Irina Isinbayeva the Olympic pole vaulter. Well, Lion’s Gate, who is making the movie adaptations, announced today that they cast Brutus.

He is going to be played by Bruno Gunn, a big, bald, handsome hunk who you might remember from his roles in Bad Teacher (as “Police Officer”), Battlefield America (as “Officer Ward”), or Prison Break (as “Officer Daley”). Wow, he’s played a lot of cops! Also he’s been “Bald Man #1” on Curb Your Enthusiasm and “Water Delivery Man” on The Office. Well, at least Brutus has a name!

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