Idris Elba Joins ‘Pacific Rim’

idris elbaSo not only does Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim already have two of my favorite actors from television, Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day, it added one of my favorite actors of all time, Idris Elba. As it’s lead character named Sensei. And it’s about giant monsters terrorizing the planet. Guys, I think I need to sit down.

What has Elba not been awesome in? Obsessed? Eh, a man’s got to eat. Luther? Thor? The Wire? All excellent. He was even terrifying in The Office! Combine that ferociousness with Del Toro’s distinct visual style and oh man is this movie going to be everything Cloverfield wanted to be. More awesome? Elba’s part in Rim was originally developed for Tom Cruise. After seeing what Cruise has been up to lately, it may be best that they ended up with Elba.

Source: Deadline