‘Jackass’ Director To Helm ‘Revenge Of The Jocks’

Jeff TremaineSo Jeff Tremaine (that’s him on the right), director of all the raunchy Jackass stuff, has signed on to direct his first feature The Revenge of the Jocks. And yep, it’s exactly what you think: Revenge of the Nerds in reverse. Though this will be his first narrative film, you can expect just as many nut shots in it as a typical Jackass movie would have.

The story follows three former high school jocks with their glory days behind them. They try to navigate the “new” world, run by nerds and geeks, where some of their new bosses are “eager to unleash their own tormenting on the new underdog class.” Here’s my problem, the jocks sound like they were dicks back in high school and suddenly find the people they were tormenting as their boss. Which means that, for the characters to have any sort of redeeming value, the nerds will have to become even bigger dicks than the jocks. That seems fine, too, but what about all the set up in the middle of the film? It’d be really easy for all the jokes to be “oh isn’t all this stuff complicated? What’s HTML? Blah blah only geeks can understand this. Who wants to play WOW??” and who wants to make jokes at the cost of intellectualism? And if it follows the Revenge of the Nerds formula, are they going to beat the nerds with their brawn in a final competition? If the company is being run by the smart guy in the room, are the jocks going to have to prove themselves smarter or just stronger than the other guy? I mean, what good is a CEO if he can beat up the next guy but can’t understand the WSJ? So many questions!

Source: Hollywood Reporter